Welcome to Inspirations!

Welcome to Inspirations in Burton-on-Trent! We invite you to visit our restaurant and get to know our high-quality African, British and European  cuisine.

Inspirations: 100 Station Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1BT

Our business hours

Friday, Saturday18:30 - 22:00
Sunday12:00 - 17:00
The last evening service is 21.00



Notice to Customers

To ensure a high quality of service, and to avoid un-necessary waste, 

we are currently open for advanced bookings only. (7 days  preferred)

We also ask that you order in advance if at all possible.

Please call 01283 296396 to book your table

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Inspirations Menu

3 Courses: £25.00pp



Soup of the Day.

Allways prepared fresh


(v) Salad Tricolore

 A Classic Italian starter of Tomatoes Mozarella and Avocado


Chicken Wings of the Week

Suya (Nigeria)

Hot and Spicy Beef Kebabs (Contains peanuts)



Spiced Salmon baked with Pomegranate (Morocco)

  Served with Couscous. An Inspirations favourite


A n Ethiopia Taster:

Sega Wat - (spicy robust and satisfying beef stew) ;  Yekik Alicha (Split Peas in Turmeric sauce; Misir Alicha Tikil Gomen; Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes; Ethiopian Tomato Salad & flat bread



(v)  Pasta with slow cooked Onions, Cavolo Nero and Pine Nuts



Nicoise Salad with Seared Tuna

Inspirations version of this classic salad: seared Tuna, Olives, Eggs, Anchovies & Capers


Chicken Yassa (Senegal)

 Senegalese seasoned Chicken smothered in lemon, garlic and mustard

Served with Couscous




(V) Sweet Lime Cream with Mango

Served With Brioche and Coconut



(V) Strawberry and Maple Pain Perdu

Made with Brioche & fresh Strawberry


(V) Spiced Apple Strudel

Served with Chantilly Cream



Call 01283 296396 to book a table


Please Note:

To guarantee smooth service, and to reduce waste,   please order in advance


Please Note: Some dishes in this Restaurant are prepared with Nuts, Celery, Shellfish or other allergens.

Please inform a member of staff if you have any food Allergies or Sensitivities



Our menu and seasonal promotions meet the highest demands for both traditional African dishes and innovative ideas. 

We offer a unique blend of African, British and European Cuisine so that you can try something a little bit different.

Have a look around our premises and find out more about our philosophy and opening times. 

We look forward to hosting you at our restaurant.

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